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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today, went for my monthly check up .. took blood test , bought medicine..as usual.. then went to thompson cc, heees , i sign up as a member there.. and used their study room.. when i wanted to start my work, i received a call from my doctor ... i am told that my blood report isnt good ... i have to prevent cutting myself ,because if i bleed , i will loose a lot of my blood due to the medicine i took ...after hearing that...i am afraid ..dont know why but i am scared ...

To further explain .. i previously have blood colting problem ..hence one of my medicine is called "waferine" its suppose to make my blood thin so as to prevent blood colt again ... and Vitamin K will make the medicine useless.. hence i have to control or even stop my intake on food that contain Vitamin K .. which means , unlike normal healthy human being, i have to cut down or even stop my intake of fruits and vege ....

sometimes, i have been asking myself ...why cant i be normal healthy person ... wat if i do not have this life long illness ...i will be enjoying the sun , playing outdoor activities on the open water which i love .. cycling in the park during the noon ... sun tanning on the beach by the sea ... eating and enjoying much more fruits and vege without having to worry about over eating it ... enjoying food that i am not allowed to eat .. like herbal soup , herbal chicken , bak ku tae, steam boat, sashimi .... but after awhile , i stopped thinking .. cos the more i think, the more negetive its gonna be...

this is life , many thing happen , many things changes ... perhaps i thought of all those is because ... in yr 2008 , dring nov period, i signed up for a jap class in thompson CC , and on the nov 30 , i already have diddiculty walking up the stairs .. even sitting down , i left leg hurts... my left leg is badly swollen since a few days ago .... that day after my lesson , my parents drove me home after hearing me complain about the swell ...even lying down on my bed having my leg straight, it hurts so much that i have been loosing sleep ... that night , i was again admitted to the hospital .. i remember , my dad drove to to the nearest hospital at upper thompson ... i had difficulty getting down the car ... immidiately i did many scans ... and so on ... and i remember, the next day morning, my mum had a flight to catch , as she is going on a holiday trip with her frens.. my mum actually didnt wan to go , she was very worried about me .. but my dad told her.." wats the point of u staying here? u r not the doctor ... so jus go and enjoy ur trip , sharon will be fine here, we will accompany her .. dont worry , jus have fun with ur frens..she will be fine"

whenever i thought of that, i will cry ..because one thing that i dont like is to let others worry about me.. affecting them because of me ...and so the month in the hospital ... its when i am told that i have that illness which till now has no cure, only medicine to prevent any infections ... i have to admit that month, i felt the love and care from everyone ... my brother who normally shout at me at home ..but he really did make a very nice company when i am staying there.. he is jus like a elder brother who i could count on ... and my frens , my sis and her frens who entertain me .. not forgetting all the nurses there ... that period of time is like a very new chapter in my life ...

yr 2009 , the april , i went into ite bishan ... ,met a group of frens ...they r jus like my support... everyone of them is jus so important to me .. though i often cause problems, which i am so sorry about it .... i m really missing the times we hang out ... below are some photos, i wonder and hope that time can go back ..and i promise i will hold on to every friendship ...

in my life now ... my family and frens r the most important things in my life ...someone ever told me ... life is jus like a journey ... and i am the bus driver ... everything /and everyone that is on the bus is very important in the journey , they r the ones that bring smile and laughter in the journey ... and i need to treasure them carefully .. cos if by small mistakes, they may jus alight at one of the stop and will never be back ....in life there will be many lesson to be learn ...

manny things changes... now , falling in love is never the topic anymore .. all i am looking forward is studies , frens and family .... though many more frns and buddies photos are not here.. but be assure that all and everyone of u , my frens even since pri sch, will always be kept inside my heart.. frens , u all are as important as my family ... and will never be forgotten ...


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Friday, October 1, 2010

wao ... theres so many things i need to update here ... haha ... so many things changed in a short short time ... wonder how much tears , smiles and laughter there was through the changes ... but all i could say is that ... after the fall, i manage to stand up , and decided to move on , treating all this as a heavy leasson learn in life ... more meaningful , more happy times are gonna come ... hahass ... lets just start with the most recent happy moments .... first up ... my dearest mei mei 's birthday celebration ...

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Friday, January 29, 2010

This week is an emo week~~ lol...got exams, projects..ZZzz to add on..so so many things happen at home..things changes..o my, i got the feeling that my worst nightmare in the past is coming back..i fear that i may jus break down again..thats why, whenever i know i cant take it anymore, i will go somewhere far away from home..sit there to think through..listening to songs, allowing my tears out..i am very thankful to all my frens who is always around me and also specially to these two person (u knw who u r^^) who are the ones who hear me out most of the time..lending me their ears..they are my BB buddy & my bestie..thx lotsss.. thx for letting me know that i wasnt alone.. so sorry if i had add on to ur worries yea.. dont worry o time will soon mend my wounds..i dont wish to see u guys sad too..so stay happy yea..all my buddies and frens meant alot to me=)) CHEERS~~glad that CA is over..lastly THANK YOU my dearest sister..from young , instead of being close to my mum or dad, i am much much closer to my sister who is 3 years older..she plays the role as my parents, a sister and also a friend!!shes the only one i could talk to at home without having to worry about anything, although at times we may have some misunderstandings,but after awhile,everything will be ok..talking about siblings,although my younger brother can ruin my mood easily, but recalling back to the days when i fell very sick in the hospital and the times where he protects me (from the jane in my house,whenever she go crazy) he is like playing a role of an elder brother to me.. THX lottss, o yea, congrats to u that u had gotten into a JC of ur choice..heess~~o yea, Happy Birthday to all those whose birthday falls in Jan o..sorry if i had forgotten to wish u all personally...heessss..[life goes on, no matter how many unhappy things that come into our way..SMILESS] ending here..

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

wonder how to describe today...hmmmm..anyway in full, today we are to do our WFB report..zz write till hand pain..and the room is so so cold ..Brrrr.~ left sch only around 5 plus-6pm.. had jap food with sinyi, judy, jorie and alvin , in the food court..after which...sinyi alvin and judy went to study..as for me, took a bus back home..o my...the bus super pack>.< ..help my mum and so on..zzz then took a bath..as i am suppose to meet a fren at 6.45pm..but i didnt keep a look out for time..zzz after bathe , came out and found that i have 3 miss calls..zzzzz called back ,then i came to realise i am late, my poor fren is outside the condo le...zzzz i am really very sorry fren make u wait so long..his gf is around in bishan, thats why he reached early=) we decided to go TP, went in KFC to study, cos by right today is acc tuition, due to stac CA come first ..so tuition is cancelled..heeess...thxx ah fren..for guiding me through the questions that i wasnt sure about..we also chiong some difficult questions..weee i had my all time favourite..(pop-corn chicken, and the frappe(coffee)) hahazz too long didnt have that le..left there at 9.45pm..sian cos its closing at 10pm..no choice, we sat outside the star-bucks to carry on with the work..after which..when we both got the correct ans..we dropped the pen..hahazz finally..time check round 10.30 plus-11 pm le..thx o fren for driving me back^^ and thx lots for guiding me in the stacs questions...i went back home, and he went to meet gf le =D , this fren of mine is all along like an elder brother to me..he takes care of everyone around him..nice =D, in this sch, came to know many frenss..love them lotss..i am really grateful to have them around in my life...sinyi,judy,jorie,jacq,kavi.(girls clique)...the guys clique, my BB buddy..and everyone i know ..i here-by deeply apologize at times for the wrong things i may have done and the missunderstandings that is created(which is not cleared even up to today) that hurt u guys, i dont mean it, really...sorry !! without u guys, guess my life in sch will be terrible ba.. soon first yr will end, and next yr we may not be in the same class again..but no matter wat, u all will never be forgotten by me, never ^^, tmr is Stacs and Banking CA!! and IAC is up next on thursday,All the very best !! tk care lotss..

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waooo..its been soooo long since i blog??!! hahazz..time flys..now is already jan 24 2010 le..haiss many many things happen..to be short..my life starts to change..wonder if i could take the change..mainly is due to my family matters..anyway i am learning to face it all by myself..dont wanna bother my frens anymore!! but i am glad to have them around..bringiing my attention to other things..enjoy a lot with them =D thx lots to be part of my life!! very soon, the old emo sharon will be totally gone..and the happy side of me will be out !! hehe..went to sing K with my frens, once was on a sun, with judy,sinyi, alvin and Judy's frens..it was a very fun day..enjoying the music..and the other time was friday...went with, paul,jacq,alvin,sinyi,jorie and judy..as usual,we went katong to first have my lunch, previously,i had the laksa there, and also because my gestric wasnt very good, hence i had the fish porriage instead..the food there was super yummy!! hahazz...then sang a few songs..o my serously i cant sing..or should i say i sound terrible..hahaz >.<, wheras sinyi have the perfect voice to sing, she sing so well..CLAPP!! =D...then we went to The Cathey to watch the tooth fairy!! waaa..very nice show..and went home by train with paul and sinyi..nice talking to them..sadly jorie didnt join us, cos she had other plans with her frens le..but anyway i really enjoy the day out with them.. moving on...saturday ,my parents and bro went malaysia le....round 6 plus, sinyi and alvin came my house to do their WFB, but as usual half the time we are playing ..lol..fun though since i am so lonely at home..they bought in laughter=D thx ppl...as for today, sadly i cant join them in the morning ..cos i have house work to do..i did mostly by myself cos sis is studying=D i am used to it le..hahazz then went to carry on to study...round 6 plus i receive a call from alvin saying that he and sinyi are coming over to my place to play a game of badminton..was shocked to hear that but also since i need a break hence i agreed..lol poor alvin , his ankle was injured but he play as though nothing happen..so fun playing with sinyi too =))after that we went 7 elven to grab something..o my, wonder how come the hot water for cup noodles went error..lol end up i went back home and got some hot water for alvin's noodles..the assistent in the 7 elevn is very kind to allow him to get a new pack =D sinyi got herself ice cream and i got coffee..sat downstairs..after that sinyi and alvin went back le=D ...packed day?? hahazz..looking forward to go school tmr!Thx lotss to come over..at least i wont have time to turn emo..=D

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

for the past few days had been very tiring, cos gotto study,study and study..hahaz who ask me to last min hug buddah leg..lol but at least i did my best..today is the big big day!! o my scary..o my last min read the book again and again..then met wt at j8..then took train to CCK ...on the way ,watched you tube show...super nice..hehe..o my i was so scared and worried if i could pass,cos for the mock,i manage to pass by a mark..zzzz when reach CCK, still got time, so went mac relax a bit..had drink...wa lau, i went there so many times to drink cuppuccino, and it wasn't design so nicely, and today for a change i tried the ice coffee,wt had cuppuccino, and his, as u can see,well designed~~~ Zzzzz haizz..saw any difference with the same cup , the one below is before he added sugar, the one above,got a hole in the middle..hahazz lol i nothing better to do..

hahazz, ^^ we both managed to pass...yay.. sadly it was raining..wt's dad came to pick us up,went to eat , then droped me at the MRT=) thx a lot ^^ very kind and sweet of them really ^^ happy day, but very tired~~

in the morning went for another blood test alone..cos the previous report got something wrong ..haixx..nvm, after that i treat myself ,blueberry tart!!! my beloved=))

then after which went to walk walk alone,and took some pics^^

a huge one=))

from far it looks like that..

Chocolate tree=D

Inside Taka=))

outside ION..from far

a nearer look ..a even closer look..saw the opening?? this is from the inside of the tree=)) nice right^^

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

yesterday , as usual went to study with alastair at yishun..zz, tiring ,but cos today,theres exam for WFB..haha glad that it was ok ..this morning,as usual,had breakfast with judy,sinyi and alvin..hehe,after paper, went to have lunch with Alvin,judy and sinyi..shared buddy-meal with sinyi, yummy~~then hang around with lishi and sinyi^^
have lots of fun chating=))

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